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Friday, 16 November 2018
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Welcome aboard new PhD student: 

1. Ijaz Rehmani
2. Mohammad Saifuldin
Applications are invited for a PhD Student to work in the field of Acid-Base Catalysis. The project will be funded by MOHE through Research University Grant. The posts are available immediately. 
Send your :
  1. Complete CV
  2. List of publication in the scientific journal (if any)
  3. Certificates and transcripts (Master and Undergraduate) 
  4. Results Slip of TOEFL/IELTS (for foreigner)
  5. Brief Research Proposal
to sugeng[at]utm.my or sugengtw[at]gmail.com. If there is no respond from me within two weeks from the date of your email, it means you are unqualified for this position.  

= Prof SUGENG =
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At least 1111 researchers have read my articles till 1st Jan 2018.


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...just randomly got it (I thought) 

Congrat Peng ! PDF Print E-mail
Congrat Peng for a new paper in APCATA !
"Fibrous silica mesoporous ZSM-5 for carbon monoxide methanation"
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Congrat Farah ! PDF Print E-mail
Congrat Farah for a new paper entitled  Interaction between copper and carbon nanotubes triggers their mutual role in the enhanced photodegradation of p-chloroaniline, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (Q1, IF4.493)
Congrat Dayah ! PDF Print E-mail
Congrat Dayah for a new paper in RSC Adv. !
"Surface modification of banana stem fibers via radiation induced grafting of poly(methacrylic acid) as effective cation exchanger for Hg(II)"
Congrat Lutfi! PDF Print E-mail
Congrat Lutfi for a new article in Catalysis Scince & Technology!
"Synthesis and Characterization of Fibrous Silica ZSM-5 for Cumene Hydrocracking"
Congrat Mun! PDF Print E-mail
Congrat to Munirah for a new paper in CEJ! S.M. Sidik, S. Triwahyono, A.A. Jalil, Z.A. Majid, N. Salamun, N.B. Talib , T.A.T. Abdullah, CO2 reforming of CH4 over Ni-Co/MSN for syngas production: Role of Co as a binder and optimization using RSM, CEJ (Q1, IF4.321).
We serve analyses for
  • BET Surface Area 
  • Acidity - Pyridine FTIR 
  • Basicity - Pyrol FTIR 
  • Heavymetal content Measurment
  • GC-MSD 
  • Hammet Indicator Testing
Contact sugengtw[at]gmail.com for details !
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