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  1. Walid Nabgan, Tuan Amran Tuan Abdullah*, Ramli Mat, Bahador Nabgan, Yahya Gambo, Sugeng Triwahyono, Influence of Ni to Co ratio supported on ZrO2 catalysts in phenol steam reforming for hydrogen production, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (48) (2016) 22922-22931 (Q2, IF3.205)

  2. Wai Loon Leaw, Che Rozid Mamat*, Sugeng Triwahyono, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Noriah Bidin, Effect of temperature on the morphology and electro-optical properties of liquid crystal physical gel, Material Chemistry and Physics 184 (2016) 197-202 (Q2, IF2.101)
  3. Hilal Ahmad, Aishah Abdul Jalil*, Sugeng Triwahyono, Dispersive solid phase extraction of gold with magnetite-graphene oxide prior to their determination via Microwave Plasma–Atomic Emission Spectrometery, RSC Advances 2016, 6, 88110-88116 (Q2, IF3.289)
  4. Walid Nabgan, Tuan Amran Tuan Abdullah, Ramli  Mat, Bahador Nabgan, Sugeng  Triwahyono , Adnan Ripin, "Hydrogen production from catalytic steam reforming of phenol with bimetallic nickel-cobalt catalyst on various supports", Applied Catalysis A : General  527 (2016) 161-170 (Q1, IF4.012)
  5. Wai Loon Leaw, Che Rozid Mamat, Sugeng Triwahyono, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Noriah Bidin, "Liquid Crystal Physical Gel Formed by Cholesteryl Stearate for Light Scattering Display Material", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 483 (2016) 41-48 (Q2, IF3.782)
  6. R. Jusoh, A.A. Jalil, S Triwahyono, A. Idris, N.M. Yusuf, Erratum to “Photodegradation of 2–chlorophenol over colloidal α–FeOOH supported mesostructured silica nanoparticles: Influence of a pore expander and reaction optimization [Sep. Purif. Technol. 149 (2015) 55–64] (Q1, IF3.299)
  7. Febriyanti, Erna; Suendo, Veinardi; Mukti, Rino; Prasetyo, Anton; Arifin, Adry; Akbar, Muhamad; Triwahyono, Sugeng; Marsih, I; Ismunandar, Further Insight on the Definite Morphology and Formation Mechanism of Mesoporous Silica KCC-1, Langmuir 2016, 32, 5802−5811 (Q1, IF4.457)
  8. C.N.C. Hitam, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, A. Ahmad, N.F. Jaafar, N. Salamun, N.A.A. Fatah, T.L. Peng, N.F. Khusnun, Z. Ghazali, Synergistic interactions of Cu and N on surface altered amorphous TiO2 nanoparticles for enhanced photocatalytic oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene, RSC Advances 2016, 6, 76259-76268 (Q2, IF3.289)
  9. L.P. Teh, S. Triwahyono, Ph.D; A.A. Jalil, M. L. Firmansyah, C.R. Mamat, Z.A. Majid, Fibrous silica mesoporous ZSM-5 for carbon monoxide methanation, Applied Catalysis A : General 523 (2016) 200–208 (Q1, IF4.012)
  10. N. F. Khusnun, A. A. Jalil, S. Triwahyono, N. W. C. Jusoh, A. Johari, and K. Kidam, Interaction between copper and carbon nanotubes triggers their mutual role in the enhanced photodegradation of p-chloroaniline, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2016, 32, 5802−5811 (Q1, IF4.493)
  11. N. Salamun, S. Triwahyono, A. A. Jalil, Z. A. Majid, Z. Ghazali, N. A. F. Othman and D. Prasetyoko, Surface modification of banana stem fibers via radiation induced grafting of poly(methacrylic acid) as effective cation exchanger for Hg(II), RSC Avances 2016, 6, 34411-34421 (Q1, IF3.840)
  12. M.L. Firmansyah,   A.A. Jalil,   S. Triwahyono,   Halimaton Hamdan,  Mohamed Mohd Salleh,   Wan Faizal Wan Ahmad and  G.T.M Kadja, Synthesis and Characterization of Fibrous Silica ZSM-5 for Cumene Hydrocracking, Catalysis Science & Technology 2016, 6, 5178-5182 (Q1, IF5.426)
  13. S.M. Sidik, S. Triwahyono, A.A. Jalil, Z.A. Majid, N. Salamun, N.B. Talib , T.A.T. Abdullah, CO2 reforming of CH4 over Ni-Co/MSN for syngas production: Role of Co as a binder and optimization using RSM, Chemical Engineering Journal 295 (2016) 1–10 (Q1, IF4.321)
  14. N.A.A. Fatah, S. Triwahyono, A.A. Jalil, A. Ahmad, T.A.T.  Abdullah, n-Heptane isomerization over mesostructured silica nanoparticles (MSN): Dissociative-adsorption of molecular hydrogen on Pt and Mo sites, Catalysis A : General 516 (2016) 135-143 (Q1, IF4.012)
  15. Mohammad Reza Sazegar, Shaya Mahmoudian, Ali Mahmoudi, Sugeng Triwahyono, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Rino R. Mukti, Nur H. Nazirah Kamarudin and Monir K. Ghoreishi, “Catalyzed Claisen–Schmidt reaction by protonated aluminate mesoporous silica nanomaterial focused on the (E)-chalcone synthesis as a biologically active compound”, RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 11023 (Q1, IF3.8)
  16. S.M. Sidik, S. Triwahyono, A.A. Jalil, M.A.A. Aziz, N.A.A. Fatah, L.P. The, Tailoring the properties of electrolyzed Ni/mesostructured silica nanoparticles (MSN) via different Ni-loading methods for CO2reforming of CH4, Journal of CO2 Utilization 13 (2016) 71–80 (Q1, IF3.09)
  17. N.B. Talib, S. Triwahyono, A. A. Jalil, C. R. Mamat, N. Salamun, N. A. A. Fatah, S. M. Sidik, L. P. Teh, "Utilization of a cost effective Lapindo mud catalyst derived from eruption waste for transesterification of waste oils", Energy Conversion and Management 108 (2016) 411–421  (Q1, IF4.38)
  18. Nor Aiza Abdul Fatah, Sugeng Triwahyono, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Effect Of Support On Molybdenum Oxide Acidity For n-Heptane Isomerization, Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) 78: 8–3 (2016) 19–23  (Scopus)
  19. Siti Munirah Sidik, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Sugeng Triwahyono, Umi Aisah Asli, CO2 Reforming Of Methane Over Ni Supported On Mesostructured Silica Nanoparticles (Ni/Msn): Effect Of Ni Loading, Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) 78: 8–3 (2016) 13–18  (Scopus)
  20. Nur Farhana Jaafar, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Sugeng Triwahyono, Adnan Ripin, Mohamad Wijayanuddin Ali, Significant Effect Of Ph On Photocatalytic Degradation Of Organic Pollutants Using Semiconductor Catalysts, Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) 78: 8–3 (2016) 7–12  (Scopus)
  21. Nurrulhidayah Salamun, Sugeng Triwahyonoa, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Zirconium Loaded Banana Stem Fibers As Adsorbent For Recovery Of Hg(II), Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) 78: 8–3 (2016) 1–5  (Scopus)
  22. Nur Hidayatul Nazirah Kamarudin*, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Sugeng Triwahyono, Sharifah Najiha Timmiati, MICROWAVE-ASSISTED SYNTHESIS OF MESOPOROUS SILICA NANOPARTICLES AS A DRUG DELIVERY VEHICLE, Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, Vol 20 No 6 (2016): 1382 - 1389 

  23. N.F. Moidu, S. Triwahyono, A.A. Jalil, Competitive Adsorption of Metals on Volcanic Ash Active Sites from Multi-Metal Solutions, Malaysian Journal of Catalysis 1 (2016) 7-11
  24. M.A.A Aziz, S. Triwahyono, A.A. Jalil, H.A.A. Rapai, A.E. Atabani, Transesterification of moringa oleifera oil to biodiesel using potassium flouride loaded eggshell as catalyst, Malaysian Journal of Catalysis 1 (2016) 22-26 
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We serve analyses for
  • BET Surface Area 
  • Acidity - Pyridine FTIR 
  • Basicity - Pyrol FTIR 
  • Heavymetal content Measurment
  • GC-MSD 
  • Hammet Indicator Testing
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