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Friday, 16 November 2018
2016 Responsibility PDF Print E-mail
  • Chairmain of iCAT2016
  • Visiting Professor ITS Indonesia
  • Deputy President of Malaysian Catalysis Society
  • Editor-in-Chief of Malaysian Journal of Catalysis 
  • Editor-in-Chief of eProceedings Chemistry
  • Editor-in-Chief of Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences (Jan-Feb 2016).
  • Editor of Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences (from March 2016).
  • Editor of Journal of Porous Science & Material (Iran)
  • Guest Editor of Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences
  • Guest Editor of Jurnal Teknologi
  • Advisory Board Committtee of IRCIE (International Research Conference and Innovation Exhibition) UniKL
  • Advisory Board Committtee of ICAF 2016 (The 1st International Conference on Alternative Fuels:
    Future and Challenges), Erciyes University, Turkey
  • Scientific Committee of International Seminar on New Paradigm and Innovation of Natural Sciences and its Application (ISNPINSA) - UNDIP Indonesia
  • Scientific Committee of The 9th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on Chemical Engineering (RCChE 2016)
  • Committee Member of Penyelidikan Fakulti Sains (Jab Kimia)
  • Committee Member of Penerbitan & Penyelidikan Jab Kimia, Fakulti Sains
  • Committee Member of Innovation and Commercialization FS-UTM
  • Chairmain of Committee Member of ASM-UTM Nobel Laureate Lecture
  • Committee Member of RAFSS 2016
  • Committee Member of ISPC 2016
  • Member of PhD VIVA Consortium UTM
  • Member of Board of Publication UTM
  • Research Fellow of Center for Sustainable Nanomaterials - ISISIR UTM
  • Head of Porous Nanomaterial Laboratory
  • Head of UTM-UMM Plating Laboratory
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We serve analyses for
  • BET Surface Area 
  • Acidity - Pyridine FTIR 
  • Basicity - Pyrol FTIR 
  • Heavymetal content Measurment
  • GC-MSD 
  • Hammet Indicator Testing
Contact sugengtw[at]gmail.com for details !
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